"We've had enough of life being brought into the theatre,
it is time the theatre clarified something of life."

Here's what former students and fellow professionals say about The Patterson Studio:

Ted Danson -
�Studying with Robert Patterson gave me a concrete and specific way of working which has served me throughout my career. The skills I learned for building a character have enabled me to approach my craft with confidence and flexibility. His studio is indispensable for any actor serious about learning the art of acting.�

JoBeth Williams -
�Robert Patterson�s acting studio gave me a true technique to use in any acting situation�theatre, film, or television. When I studied with Bob, I discovered that there was a real, concrete craft to the seemingly ephemeral art of acting which could be applied throughout one�s life as an actor. I would recommend Robert Patterson�s classes for any actor serious about his or her craft.�

Martha Jacobs - Author/Actor/Director/Teacher -
�I was in Patterson's very first class, having already been through two respected training programs for actors. What Patterson taught changed everything about my understanding of acting and theatre. After nearly four decades of working as an actor, director and teacher, I wrote
' A Meisner Legacy' to record what I learned from Patterson; my work with Patterson finally gave me professional confidence. Not every student can work with a teacher. It takes experience and maturity to demand and focus on substance.�

Pearl Lang - Choreographer - Director, Pearl Lang Dance Theatre -
�The Robert Patterson Studio stimulates, and inspires growth and versatility in the actor through the many involvements in theatre forms leaving no stone unturned.�

Tim Kelleher - Actor - Off-Broadway/Film/TV -
I studied with Robert Patterson and completed the course. Was it a breeze? Hardly. I never expected that studying acting could be so demanding, but then, I more or less looked at acting solely as a field of entertainment. It is that, of course, but it's also an interpretive art, and I can't think of a single musician, dancer, or other interpretive artist who didn't shed some blood, sweat, toil, and tears along the way. This class is not for everyone. If you're more concerned with yourself in the art than the art in yourself, by all means spare yourself (and Mr Patterson) the trouble.
But, I'm grateful, I was taught a complete way of working, and took a huge step in learning, to appreciate and develop skills in other aspects of theater. Since then, I've been very fortunate to work steadily in film, TV and on stage. I've had the privilege to work with world famous directors and actors, and I can say with complete candor, that not a day has ever gone by in any of those situations, that I didn't draw on what Robert Patterson taught me. Sometimes it even brings a smile to my face that surely must look a little out of context to my co-workers."

Amy Warner - Actor -
�Studying with Robert Patterson twenty-five years ago prepared me for work I�ve since done in television and theatres across the country. I�ve never forgotten the things I�ve learned in his class. He truly taught me how to act.�

Tom Vasiliades  -
      Director -
             Alexander Technique
                   Center for Performance and Development -

�Bob Patterson�s students are equipped with a solid way of working and an understanding that the instrument must be fully trained. They have an awareness of what is needed and the ability to create it. It is clear that they have learned a great deal from Bob Patterson.�

Michael Griffiths - Actor/Producer - Living in Oblivion -
                                     Actor/Producer/Director - The Arc Light Theater -

�One of the most important results of working with Bob is simply confidence. Bob offers a complete way of working that allows the actor to make strong, specific choices and improvise fully in any given set of imaginary circumstances. That spells confidence - a trait I find sorely lacking in most actors I meet today.�

Michael Fegley - Actor/Director - Film/Regional Theatre -
"I can only say by studying at the Robert Patterson Studio, I developed a complete way of working that allows me to approach any material fearlessly. I have worked Off-Broadway, and in several film projects (AEA and SAG), and find myself moving from one project to the next. There are no questions that remain, I know what to do from the moment a text is handed to me. This allows me to explore the role and subject myself to the circumstances in a real way. This work is the evolution of Stanislavsky, which was translated into a teachable approach by Sanford Meisner, and developed into a complete craft by Robert Patterson. This is the home for serious actors who seek a solid and specific way of working."


"An actor is an instrument in tune with his entire environment."


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