"Don't be fashionable, be truthful."

Read what current students say about The Patterson Studio:

Carlin Power -
              I am presently an apprentice at The Patterson Studio, and every single class is a growing experience. This is a place to be trained in a complete and classical way. Every deluded idea I had about acting was dispelled with quickness and force early in the training, and replaced with the truth of what being an actor is all about. At this studio, there are no false promises or glitz and glamour, rather, I get the gritty details of how to breathe life into roles for which I'm temperamentally suited. This is a thoroughly professional environment where every class is treated as an Equity rehearsal, and every moment is dedicated to the teaching of the art of acting.

Alex Charriez -
              At this time, I am working within The Basics, which is the foundation for a way of working that will allow me to become a truthful, flexible, unmannered, abandoned, acting instrument that can improvise truthfully from moment to moment through the reality of doing.
               William Hazlitt wrote that an actor’s life is, “ . . . a studied madness. The height of an their ambition is to be beside themselves.”
              If working like that is necessary for you, if being trained completely in a classical way is necessary for you, then you’ll find, as I’ve been lucky enough to find, that The Patterson Studio is the safest and most complete studio for the craft of acting.

Henry Davis -
              Robert Patterson's approach to acting is revolutionary!!!  I've never been in an environment before where the learning process is so complete and clear. I'd recommend anyone who needs to be trained in a complete, classical way to Robert Patterson.

Christian J. Edwards -
              The Full Class is an in-depth, organic way of learning the Craft of Acting! Robert Patterson is the ABSOLUTE MASTER of skill! I am finally in a place where I do not have to compromise. I'm simply learning how to make full use of myself, and commit to the playwright's work in a classical way. By the way, it's fun, too!

"From an Actor's point of view,
it's not the end of the trip that matters,
but the trip along the way."


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