The Patterson Studio and Our Course of Study

Robert Patterson has taught acting at the same location on New York City’s Upper West Side since 1973. Having studied directly under Sanford Meisner, Bob applied Meisner’s work through a successful career as a stage actor, before making the decision to devote himself exclusively to teaching acting.

Over the course of more than four decades, Bob has built upon Meisner’s work to develop a complete way of working that is taught nowhere else. Regular classes consist of eight to ten students selected out of 250 to 300 applicants, and only those upholding the highest professional standards are accepted. The full course takes 28 months of class time to complete.

The course proceeds from a single stated purpose: to train each person to be a versatile character actor making full use of his or her particular range; regardless of whether the playwright be contemporary, musical, or classical in nature. The training provides a concrete way of working, that enables the actor to function to his or her fullest capabilities, no matter what the professional circumstance.
The Full Program is divided into two parts. The first part, The Basics, is to train the actor as a truthful, flexible, unmannered, abandoned, acting instrument. The second part, The Interpretive Work, trains actors from the improvisational basis to recreate the life of a role, through the selectivity of what they are doing, regardless of the playwright’s choice of writing. Emphasis is made on the classical nature and rich traditions of the Theatrical Arts, and students are required to extend themselves through singing, dancing, reading and independent study and bring this understanding to their work.

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  • Rigorous Course of Study
  • Foundational Technique
  • Reinforcement of Study Thru Homework
  • Free Professional Acting Seminar on Tuesdays
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  • Full 28 Month Actors Studio by Interview

“Acting is the truest and most intelligent picture of life”

–  William Hazlitt